Plan A

by The Grim

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Assembly Instructions

Plan A is provided in three sections. Each section consists of three parts. By carefully following these assembly instructions you can be assured of an adequate Grim experience.

The three parts of section I (one) should be connected such that there is little or no visible gap between the three parts. Should such gaps be apparent, your Grim experience may be compromised. Parts should be arranged in numerical order to avoid confusion.

Sections II (two) and III (three) are more flexible. The Grim have suggested an order in which the parts should be assembled (numbers have been included against parts to simplify the process) but this is by no means prescriptive. The Grim are convinced that Tab A should be the final part of the overall assembly, but this is a subjective opinion of the manufacturers and may well be ill conceived.

Let's face it, if you've made the effort to get all of the parts to Plan A, you really should have the freedom to build whatever solution you see fit. The Grim hopes it works for you


released August 10, 2012



all rights reserved


The Grim Hampshire, UK

The Grim aren't who you thought they were, or who you thought they might be. They are a conduit; self-conducting and poorly insulated. Anything that finds itself on a Grim site has got there by choice, and it's not the fault of the Grim.


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